GOAL ONE – More qualified oncology massage therapists


Oncology massage is a gentle form of massage designed to relieve tension often experienced by patients. It may also reduce symptoms such as nausea, pain fatigue and anxiety. Specialised Oncology Massage Therapists are trained to provide massage to people with cancer and can adapt the massage to suit each individual’s needs.


$41,923 of $74,337 Raised

Massage can be received through clothing, or applied with oil on the skin. Oncology massage is offered to patients in Day Oncology, Radiation Oncology Wellness Centre and all inpatient wards in the ONJ Centre.

It is highly valued by patients throughout the cancer trajectory.

As well as being relaxing, massage can be particularly beneficial if you are experiencing pain, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, sleep difficulties, stiffness or limited range of movement.
The major costs associated with this program are appropriately qualified oncology massage therapists (staffing).  There are some smaller costs relating to massage oil and suppliers, much of which is donated in-kind by corporations.
This program has been evaluated in 2016 including patient surveys, referral numbers, presenting problems, demographic information of users.  More broadly, the services has been evaluated regarding the uptake of tumour groups use and value of the service by patients.  A further evaluation of the service would be undertaken if there is funding for it.

“Being able to express yourself in another way other than just relying on your resilience and stamina, these sorts of therapies are really beneficial. I’ve never had a massage before and it was really relaxing. It takes your mind off what you’re going through”

Linda, Cancer patient

“It was just beautiful, I’ve never had anything that has made me feel so good”

Bev, Cancer patient

The total cost of the oncology massage therapy program is $74,337.00