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Would you like Jess to lift your team as a motivational or inspirational speaker at your next event?

Jess wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses. She is an exuberant go getter and constantly poised to tackle the next big challenge. Jess sees what she does as more than a job, she is on a mission to transform and illuminate, with a sharp eye for detail and execution.

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    Hear what other people have to say about how Jess has inspired their team:

    Jessica spoke at our 2016 Small Business Festival event – Mastering the Transition. Jessica was a pleasure to deal with and met our brief perfectly, both with topic and time. She was prepared and arrived early to ensure that her presentation ran smoothly on the day.. She was engaging with the audience and shared both her personal and business story to the room with clarity and humbleness.

    Jess quickly built rapport the audience and through sharing her story, the audience was on her side from the start. I am sure that they would have listened to her for even longer than allocated. Jess also made herself available to speak one on one with our guests at the break following her presentation. She was eagerly sought out by the attendees as well. I thank Jess for her presentation and easy going nature which made our event run smoothly.

    Susan Beniston
    Melton City Council

    I first had the pleasure of meeting Jess Gilchrist when she had just taken over running Chocoholic Tours. We invited her as a key note speaker to one of our Young Tourism Network’s Professional Development events to share her first hand experience of operating a small business in the tourism industry.

    Her passion, determination and strengths all shined through when she openly presented to both young industry professionals and students on her journey from studying event management to the challenges she was faced of running a small business, sharing strategies of how she overcame them. Following this, I was so impressed by Jess’s inspiring presentation, I invited her to talk to Event Management students at William Angliss Institute to share her journey with them, and take them on a personal guided Chocolate Tour of Melbourne.

    We received such positive feedback on just how inspiring Jess was, that we integrated the talk and tour into the final week of semester of the subject. Jess is one gifted individual, who has the ability to capture the audiences attention through her honesty and drive for what she does. Her positive energy and dedication of sharing her story to inspire others provides a pathway to follow in her footsteps

    Jess Derham
    Academic, PhD Student and Former YTN Chair and long standing Committee Member

    A great speaker is someone who captivates the audience within minutes – and Jess is one of those people. When I heard Jess speak I walked away feeling inspired. After listening to Jess’ journey over the last few years, one cannot help feeling moved to take action and make the most of life. Jess shows that despite the challenges we each face, being positive, strong-willed and kind will improve the quality of your life and help you achieve your goals in business and in life. Overall hearing Jess’s talk was truly beneficial – her experience reminded me to put things into perspective and that being positive and solution-orientated will always deliver benefits in one way or another

    Elise Buzzelli
    Online Fulfilment Lead
    Myer Melbourne

    If you searched “Inspiration” in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Jess Gilchrist. Her gentle yet confident smile, and a look of unstoppable look of determination that clearly shows her dictionary does not contain the word “impossible”.

    From the first time I met Jess, I knew she was destined for big things. I noticed in every conversation she naturally mastered the balance between intently listening to others tell their own story, and sharing her own incredible experience of success through adversity, bringing both tears of sadness and joy to the listener.

    Jess is clearly a people person. Everyone loves her! After every encounter with Jess I come away feeling more energised and quietly confident that I can beat even my greatest fears. She humbly instils the attitude of “if Jess can do it, so can I!!” She also has the rare ability to access both her left and right brain, showing passion for both the creative and analytical. Jess is an entrepreneur who understands the importance of numbers. Many would argue this is impossible, but not so with Jess! She creates concepts and visions, implements the idea after thorough research, and follows up with diligent financial analysis. People spend years attempting to develop these skills, yet Jess wakes up every morning and just does it.

    On numerous occasions I have seen Jess lead groups of Chocoholics and tourism representatives alike, and there is no question that public speaking is second nature to her. Whether she is having a casual one-on-one conversation or speaking to full room, Jess is a true storyteller. I personally know a countless number of people whose lives have been enriched after hearing Jess’ incredible life story.

    In December 2015 the unthinkable happened. Life changing cervical cancer followed by debilitating anxiety that would devastate the most stoic individual.

    To say she “beat” cancer and resulting severe anxiety does not correctly describe Jess’ experience. Beating something implies that it is your enemy. Through unspeakable darkness and loss, Jess lifted her head high, and learned to accept and embrace life on life’s terms.

    Jess is a true inspiration. I am privileged to call her a close friend, mentor, and my benchmark for passion, integrity and most of all inner strength. I believe her story should be shouted from the rooftops!

    Jonas Le Souef
    Managing Director, Lightning Ridge Opal Mines Pty Ltd
    International Honorary Member Les Clefs d’Or